Friday, October 30, 2009

Rapping Chaucer?

I shared these videos with my History of the English Language class today, and I think they are classic enough to gather cult followings...

The first video is Chaucer's Prologue rapped in the vein of a Beastie Boys song:

The second video is academia's attempt at rapping:

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I (and my HEL students) did!


  1. Will you be rapping this in class next week now?

  2. That was the request from my HEL students... I don't know if Structures would understand the sudden break-out of rapping Chaucerian lines in class. Maybe I could rap about diagramming--you know to make the POS labels and phrases and functions more memorable. That professor gives me something to compete with... Just how zany can I be?

  3. I would just be amazed that someone could make a rap (song?) about that.