Monday, November 9, 2009

Linguistics Minor Approval

Can you feel the rush of energy as you read the title?  That energy is from me shouting, "Woo-hoo!" as loudly as I can while I metaphorically turn cartwheels in my office.

The Linguistics Minor has been approved along with three new courses: Introduction to Linguistics (ENG 341), Forensic Linguistics (ENG 438), and Advanced Grammar (ENG 439).  Those courses should start appearing on the books either for or sometime shortly after Fall 2010.

For all you saying, "That's great.  But what does the minor look like?" I am including a brief sketch of the minor here:

Linguistics Minor (18 hours)

Core curriculum (9 hours)
ENG 341: Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 441: Advanced Linguistic Theory
ENG 442: Topics in Linguistics

Electives (9 hours)
There are three groups under electives:
  • Group I: Language Studies (includes other linguistics courses offered in the department and courses from Modern Languages, among others)
  • Group II: Critical Thinking and Communicative Practices (includes courses in English, Communications, and Philosophy)
  • Group III: Cognitive Study of Language (includes courses in English, Psychology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Six of your elective hours would come from Group I while the remaining three hours would come from either Group II or Group III.

This is just a brief, informal sketch of the minor; if you would like to know more specific details, please speak with someone in the department (please feel free to contact me via this blog, my e-mail, or my office hours).

Time to celebrate!

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